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HIMUNICATION Talents Apartments are Launched
Column:Company News Time:2017-11-24

       In recent years, the living cost in Shenzhen is rapidly increase and most of our staff felt difficult to living in Shenzhen due to the inflation reason on everything especially cannot afford to buy a flat due to the flat cost in Shenzhen is higher than Paris, Manchester, Amsterdam and Los Angel, then they have to spent money to rent an ideal flat for living.

        HIMUNICATION decide to freely offer the new decoration apartments to our talent staff in order to create a better living standard to them at Shenzhen.

        All apartments are near our factory location and with the new decoration and modern equipments such as the air-conditioner and heating system. Each Talent got their own individual flat with the individual bedroom, kitchen and bathroom to living.

        HIMUNICATION is People-Based Company and our talent staff are deserved to have those free apartment for their living in shenzhen then they will be more hardworking with their best level of talent to 
pay back for HIMUNICATION.